Community Groups

Please note this information is currently under revision and may not be completely accurate

Agricultural Society Kyneton PO Box 248, Kyneton 3444
meet: 2nd Mon 7.30 Watts Pavilion
contact: Josie Rutledge (Secretary) ph 54235248
Business Associations
Business & Tourism Assn Kyneton (KDBATA) PO Box 629, Kyneton 3444
meet 2nd Tue ev mths 7pm Albion Hotel
contact Margaret Dearricott ph 54222282
Mac Ranges Christian Businessmens Assn PO Box 144, Kyneton 3444
meet 1st Sat 7.30am Kyneton Baptist Church 
contact Bob Evans ph 54227475
Piper Street Association PO Box 985, Kyneton 3444
contact Con Tsoukas ph 54221710 
Artists for Orphans
contact: Roni Wildeboer ph 54222834
Kyneton Caring Community Inc. 45 High St, Kyneton 3444
Emergency Food Relief-Non for profit
contact Sam Meehan ph 0405809565
Kyneton Hospital Auxiliary 7 Kathryn Crescent Woodend 3442
meet 3rd Fr 1.30pm Hospital Caroline Chisholm Dr
contact Jean Lucas ph 54271206
Macedon Ranges Friends of East Timor PO Box 125 Woodend 3442
1st Monday each even month in Woodend
Contact: Gaynor Atkin ph 0408130176
Marist Bros Old Boys PO Box 463, Kyneton 3444
meet 2nd Wed 8pm
contact Leo Ramsdale ph 54221913
Preloved Pedlar Opportunity Shop 131 Mollison St Kyneton 3444
contact Des McKenna ph 54232772 or 54227134 (bh)
R M Begg Auxiliary PO Box 109, Kyneton 3444
meet 1st Tue 2pm RM Begg Hostel Epping St
contact Margaret Wells ph 54221863
Red Cross Kyneton 31 Mollison St Kyneton 3444
meet last Mon 1.30pm Kyneton Fire Station
contact Noel Young ph 54221045
Uniting Church Opportunity Shop 22 Market St, Kyneton 3444
contact Flo Watson ph 54222996
Vision Australia Kyneton Auxiliary 12 Sanctuary Dr, Kyneton 3444
contact Jean Hedington ph 54221038
Community Newsletters
Kyneton Connect PO Box 146 Kyneton 3444
publish 3rd Th each even month
contact:Eric Dearricott ph 54222990 e:
Malmsbury Mail PO Box 116 Malmsbury 3446
published monthly
contact: Nea Gyorffy ph 54232088
Bridge Connection (Redesdale - Mia Mia) 257 Meadow Valley Rd Mia Mia 3444
published monthly
contact: Berni Canpbell ph 54255501
Friends of Black Hill 116 Halloran's Lane, Kyneton 3444
contact Darryl Kellett ph 54222809
Friends of Campaspe River Kyneton 121 Bald Hill Rd, Kyneton 3444
contact Don Smith ph 54227335
Kyneton Transition Hub PO Box 307 Kyneton 3444
meet 3rd We 7.30pm Our Lady of the Rosary Prim
contact: Julie McLaren/Sarah Corfe ph 54223023/54226220
Landcare Carlsruhe PO Box 385, Woodend 3442
meet 1st Mon 7.30pm Carlsruhe CFA
contact Samantha Fisher ph 54226663
Landcare Malmsbury & Dist PO Box 74, Malmsbury 3446
meet 1st Thu 7.30pm Usually Drummond Hall
contact John Walter ph 54239383
Landcare Pipers Creek 96 Piper St, Kyneton 3444
contact Peter Sporle ph 54223033
Friends of Post Office Creek PO Box 284, Kyneton 3444
contact Graham Jasper ph 54222555
Kyneton Daffodil & Arts Festival Committee PO Box 59, Kyneton 3444
meet 1st Tu 7.30pm Newman Rm Kyn Town Hall
contact Marg Dearricott ph 54222282
Kyneton Boots & Roots Festival PO Box 151 Kyneton 3444
contact: Terry Moore ph 0439559587
Fire & Emergency
CFA Carlsruhe 4 Wedge St, Carlsruhe 3444
contact Joe Fleming ph 0418366565
CFA Kyneton PO Box 71, Kyneton 3444
Meet 1st Mon 8pm, train other Mons 7.30pm
contact Secretary ph 54221241
CFA Langley-Barfold 643 Redesdale Rd, Edgecombe 3444
contact Ian Lonsdale ph 54234190
CFA Malmsbury Mollison St Malmsbury 3446
contact Robert Sheridan ph 0407844721
CFA Pastoria 1351 Sidonia Rd, Sidonia 3444
contact Pip Elston ph 54237263
CFA Spring Hill
CFA Tylden c/o Post Office, Tylden 3444
contact Peter Thompson ph 0418552392
Kyneton CFA Auxiliary PO Box 360, Kyneton 3444
meet 3rd Thu 2pm Kyneton Fire Station Ebden St
contact Larina Strauch ph 0418545648
Gardens and Gardening
Friends of Kyneton Botanical Gardens PO Box 1061
meet 5th We 7.30pm Kyn Comm & Learn Centre
contact Ann Tomlinson ph 54223621
Friends Malmsbury Gardens & Environment PO Box 69, Malmsbury 3446
1st We 6pm  ev 3 mths start Mar Malm Town Hall
contact Stephen West ph 54232403
Kyneton Horticultural Society PO Box 686, Kyneton 3444
meet 3rd Mon 7.30pm Watts Pavilion
contact Geradine Thomas ph 54227130
Health Support
Cancer Support Group Kyneton PO Box 146 Kyneton 3444
meet 1st Thu 12.30-2.30pm Cobaw C Health
contact Brenda  ph 54273571
Friends of the Kyneton Museum PO Box 604, Kyneton 3444
meet 3rd Mon odd mths 75 Piper St
contact Ronda Walker ph 54222728
Historical Society Kyneton PO Box 360, Kyneton 3444
meet 2nd Wed 7.30pm 75 Piper St
contact Larina Strauch ph 0418545648
Historical Society Malmsbury PO Box 113 Malmsbury 3446
3rd Wed 7.30pm Malmsbury Mechanics
contact Sue Walter ph 54239383
Lighthorse Monument Committee PO Box 360, Kyneton 3444
meet 3rd Mon 6pm Kyneton RSL Mollison St
contact Larina Strauch ph 0418545648
Kyneton Masonic Lodge No 192 PO Box 1014, Kyneton 3444
meet 1st Mon 7.30pm 7 Yaldwyn St West
contact Don McClure ph 54221183
Kyneton Zetland Lodge PO Box 823, Kyneton 3444
meet 4th We 7.30pm Zetand Lodge 3 Piper St
contact John Blyth ph 0487116963
Kyneton Farmers Market PO Box 887 Kyneton 3444
2nd Sat 8.30-1pm  St Pauls Park Piper St
contacts: Rob Hardy/Tony White ph 54223419/54221025
Malmsbury Community Market
2nd Sun 9am-3pm Malmsbury Town Hall
contact: Jean Williams ph 54232261
Men's Shed 8 Mollison Place, Kyneton
Open 9-5pm Th-Fri
contact John Mitchell ph0429 149 317
Kyneton Municipal Band PO Box 21, Woodend 3442
meet Fri 7.30pm Red Brick Hall Yaldwyn St West
contact Robert Smith ph 54222019
Residents Groups
Carlsruhe Community Planning Group PO Box 385, Woodend 3442
meet  1st Wed 7.30pm Carlsruhe CFA
contact Samantha Fisher ph 54226663
Kyneton Connections PO Box 146, Kyneton 3444
meet 2nd Thu 5.30pm Cobaw 47 High St
contact Eric Dearricott ph 54222990
Malmsbury Community Planning Group c/o Post Office, Malmsbury 3446
meet 2nd Wed 7pm Malmsbury Mechanics
contact Paul De Podolinsky ph 0418990851
Lifeball  PO Box 1321, Kyneton 3444
play Wed 12.45pm Kyn Sports & Aquatic Centre
contact Melva Ryan ph 0400010696
Probus Club Kyneton PO Box 813, Kyneton 3444
meet 1st Wed 9.30am Kyneton Bowling Club
contact Ray Williams ph 0419124159
Senior Citizens Club Kyneton PO Box 376, Kyneton 3444
meet Thu 12noon St Mary's Hall 24 Hutton St
contact Pam Drew ph 54223452
Senior Citizens Club Malmsbury PO Box 237 Malmsbury
meet Wed 12pm Malmsbury Town Hall
contact Laurie Diss ph 54221388
Tai Chi PO Box 1321, Kyneton 3444
meet tu 4-5pm Kyn Community & Learning Centre
contact Jan McIver ph 54223828
U3A Kyneton PO Box 1321, Kyneton 3444
meet Fri 2pm Kyn Community & Learning Centre
contact Melva Ryan ph 0400010696
Service Clubs
Lions Club Kyneton PO Box 183, Kyneton 3444
meet 2nd & 4th Thu 7.30pm Watts Pavillion
contact Peter Stephens ph 54232977
Rotary Club of Kyneton PO Box 18, Kyneton 3444
meet Mon 7pm RM Begg 27 Epping St
contact Tony Miln ph 54221778
Zonta Club of Kyneton PO Box 732, Kyneton 3444
meet 4th Wed 7pm
contact ph 0427 547 659
Veteran's Support
Legacy The Secretary PO Box 17, Gisborne 3437
contact Ian Arnell ph 54286897
National Servicemens Association Kyneton PO Box 1309, Kyneton 3444
meet last Sun 1pm Drill Hall Market St
contact Graeme Day ph 54222391
RSL Kyneton Sub-Branch PO Box 141, Kyneton 3444 
meet 37-39 Mollison St 
contact Phil Lyles ph 54226735
Auxiliary Kyneton RSL 1 Tucker St Malmsbury 3446
meet 1st Fri 2pm Kyneton RSL
contact Dot Bourke ph 54232037
Vietnam Vets Kyneton c/o PO Box 141 Kyneton 3444
contact Rob Renton ph 54226735
Walking Groups
Cobaw Ramblers PO Box 146, Kyneton 3444
Walk Wed 10am
contact Cobaw Staff ph 54211666
Cobaw Thursday Walkers PO Box 146, Kyneton 3444
Walk Thu 9.30am
contact Margaret Reid ph 54273340
Cobaw Wednesday Walkers PO Box 146, Kyneton 3444
walk Wed  9.30am (meet at 8 Mollison Place)
contact Cobaw Staff ph 54211666
Womens Groups
CWA Kyneton Branch 1/46 Baynton St, Kyneton 3444
meet 3rd Thu 10am Kyneton CFA Ebden St
contact Helen Cooke ph 54222869
CWA Malmsbury Branch 110 HoneysucKle Rd, Lauriston 3444
meet 2nd Wed Drummond Hall
contact Wilma Saunders ph 54239131
Zonta Club of Kyneton PO Box 732, Kyneton 3444
contact ph 0427 547 659