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Kyneton Connections Inc is a Kyneton residents' group which arose from a 2004 meeting auspiced by Cobaw Community Health with the aim of increasing links across the community in Kyneton.
Membership of Kyneton Connections is free, broad-based and consists of general members and representatives of Kyneton community groups.

More than 40 of Kyneton's community organisations give annual financial support to Kyneton Connections. One of Kyneton Connections' important goals, through anticipating potential rapid change in the size and nature of the population of Kyneton and District, is to maintain the friendly, helpful, participative outlook of the Kyneton community whilst welcoming the ideas and input of new residents.

Kyneton Connections has sought to involve new residents and empower the Kyneton community and its groups by promoting and communicating the activities and achievements of its people and encouraging a sense of pride, involvement and cohesion in the district.

Current Kyneton Connections projects include:

  • Kyneton Connect - the bimonthly community newsletter with a hard copy circulation of 3750 and over 400 email recipients. Articles are lodged by email to or dropping a hard copy at Cobaw 47 High St Kyneton.

  • Kyneton's Community Website - - currently averaging 1000+ hits per week.

  • The Community Window - a monthly showcase in the window of the annex to the Mollison St Shire Office for community groups to promote their activities.

  • Kyneton Community Events Noticeboard - adjacent to the Post Office to provides a recognized place where forthcoming events are advertised.

  • The Kyneton Events Calendar - located in the Community Window and on Keeping Kyneton residents aware of issues which may affect them by monitoring Council decisions and communications and reporting them in Kyneton Connect.

  • Making representations to the Council and to Governments after consultation with community members. For example: Kyneton Town Structure Plan, Kyneton South Investigation area, Visitor Information Centre location, Kyneton Mechanics Institute, public seating, Improving Council consultation with the community, pedestrian crossings, improving Kyneton Town Bus service and the future use of the old Kyneton Primary School.

Past Projects:

  • Seeking to establish a high quality meeting place in the town where community committees can meet free of charge - achieved for 6 meetings per year at KMI.

  • The Kyneton Guide for Residents - a comprehensive guide to Kyneton given free for newcomers which prodided the basis for much of the information included in

  • The 2010 Kyneton Conference from which arose the 2012 Kyneton Showcase in which 50 Kyneton community organizations participated over 2 days to promote community involvement and to launch the refurbished Kyneton Mechanics Institute was but one result.

Kyneton Connections meets at Cobaw Community Health 47 High St Kyneton on the second Tuesday of each month between 5.30 and 6.30pm. New participants are very welcome - email President Eric Dearricott at or call 5422 2990.

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